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Working From Home Tips – Meeting Solutions

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While the transition to working remotely has been necessary for many, we understand that it is an adjustment that can be both overwhelming and difficult. As SyCom’s CEO, Tom Cricchi, said in his response to COVID-19, “Our success is intimately tied to yours. Whether in times of trial or when celebrating shared success, we continue our commitment to deliver outstanding and memorable service in everything we do.”

In support of this, Rob Spitzer, SyCom’s Practice Area Manager – Microsoft Cloud Productivity and Security, has put together some tips for working at home.

Working From Home – Part One’, courtesy of Rob Spitzer:

I’ve been working remotely for the last 15 years so I thought I would throw out some information that may be helpful to anyone that might find themselves needing to work from their homes over the next few weeks. Most critical seems to be remote meetings so I’ll give you some thoughts around that in this first post.

Whether you know it or not, odds are high you already have access to plenty of good audio/video conferencing solutions that won’t cost you anything additional. Are you a Microsoft Office 365 customer? Microsoft Teams will have you covered. Is your company or organization using Google G Suite? Take a look at Google Hangouts. Using a Cisco Unified Communications solution? Webex is a great answer. Zoom is another great option.

Even if you’re a small group (little league, band boosters, etc) there’s plenty of choices. Maybe you are using a Facebook Group. If so, Facebook Messenger can be a good choice. If your looking for something with more collaboration features, check out Slack. Skype is also an oldie but a goodie.

For pretty much every one of these solutions there are Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and web apps. I’ve left solutions like FaceTime off of here as it is limited to Mac and iOS but, depending on who you need to communicate with, that’s an option as well.

Give these a shot. Let me know if this is helpful and if I missed another application others may be interested in. Also, please give me a shout if you have any questions or need any help during this time. Hope this was helpful!