Audiovisual Experiences

Combining collaboration and productivity tools into
one seamless experience.
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The corporate workplace is transforming. Businesses want products and solutions to hit the market faster and need to retain a workforce that more and more are seeking the flexibility to work when and where they want. Creating smart and accessible spaces, combining collaboration and productivity tools into one experience, and providing remote workers and office workers the same experience are the trends being driven by these desires. At SyCom we understand these trends and how to integrate them into your business.

Solution Options:

  • Digital Signage & Video Wall — Empower your company to battle digital irrelevance through improved visual communications.
  • Collaboration Spaces — Bring your devices and collaboration tools to a specialized area to whiteboard, meet, present, reflect and explore.
  • Meeting Spaces — Gather your team – remotely, in person or both – for extended engagement with microphones, speakers, lights and shades controlled from one central point.
  • Custom Audiovisual Experience — Have us create an audiovisual package that meets your business needs no matter the industry – including healthcare, education, government and finance.