Ransomware Services

Keeping your valuable business assets safe from downtime, reputational concerns, and financial repercussions.
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Ransomware attacks are on the rise. This criminal activity leverages daily technology use like email and web viewing to deliver malware, which can encrypt your valuable business assets. If your organization experiences an attack, your ability to use those assets is immediately affected. This can lead to downtime, reputational concerns, and financial repercussions. These events can be widespread and affect organizations of all sizes and types. SyCom can provide you with trustworthy Emergency IT Response & Support.

Ransomware SWAT Retainer:

  • Expert Assistance — Available when you need us, we guarantee action within our contracted timeframe if you have a ransomware response agreement in place.
  • Triage Services — We prioritize your appropriate level of need, but then assist with recovery actions to make sure your business is back online as soon as possible.
  • Proactive Services — We offer advanced preparedness benefits, like security workshops and penetration testing, to keep your business ahead of the criminals.

The Cost & Recovery of a Ransomware Attack:

  • Experts predict there will be a ransomware attack on a business every 11 seconds by 2021.
  • Ransomware attacks cost businesses an average of $84,116.
  • In 2019, 205,280 organizations submitted files that were hacked in a ransomware attack – a 41% increase from the year before.
  • A few days of unavailable files often translates to weeks of lost productivity as the business recovers.
  • The file decryption process can take days to complete and must be completed by experts.