Integration Services

Integrating technology solutions from a comprehensive list of offerings with a focus on protecting the most critical components.
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SyCom helps our customers build a complete security program by leveraging our exclusive AIM – Advise, Integrate & Manage – methodology. Our goal is to lower your threat surface and mitigate your cyber security risks.

Never before has information security been so paramount or so clearly under direct assault.  Integrated, layered and cohesive security solutions are a must-have in this era of digital business and the workforces of today.  By using the most comprehensive portfolio of security technology and expertise in the industry, SyCom partners with you to help you take control of risk, protect your organization and adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape. 

Integration Services Offered:

  • Perimeter Network Protection / Segmentation Protecting key resources involves perimeter protection strategies. This can include firewalls both on premise and in cloud environments, as well as developing and managing an appropriate network segmentation strategy to provide the ability to isolate and control access throughout your environment.
  • Endpoint Protection Endpoint protection is an important defense in any organization. Modern endpoint protection tools should be integrated with threat intelligence and other technical controls inside the environment to escalate the speed of response and provide the ability to rapidly responds and contain emerging threats.
  • Identity and Authentication Platforms / Multi-factor Authentication Implement Identity solutions to simplify the login experience without compromising security by synchronizing directory services across mobile, cloud and on-premises apps. Add an additional layer of assurance through the use of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to make credential misuse easy to spot and remediate. SyCom brings multiple solutions to the table, making the stand up and ongoing maintenance of these systems worry free.
  • Email and Data Protection Critical communications systems and data repositories must be secured in such a way to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of these platforms. SyCom can design and provide solutions to help ensure that these systems are up, the data can be trusted and is only accessible to the appropriate users.
  • Cloud Security Platforms Cloud computing has created a brand new environment for processing and storing information. It is critical to understand and manage organizational usage of cloud platforms to ensure that important data and processes are safeguarded. Maintain control over multiple clouds by gaining visibility and enforcing policies to stop threats while taking full advantage of flexibility and reduction of IT costs.