Advisory Services

Offering Advisory services to help with policy development, compliance and security assessments.
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SyCom helps our customers build a complete security program by leveraging our exclusive AIM – Advise, Integrate & Manage – methodology. Our goal is to lower your threat surface and mitigate your cyber security risks.

Understanding what and how cybersecurity matters can include many facets of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). Knowing how to apply solutions that can reduce risks to organizations is an important topic that our GRC practice can help address. SyCom can provide experienced consultants who can bridge the security divide between technology and organizational success. Our security experts have experience in PCI, HIPAA and NIST 800-171 compliance programs.

Advisory Services Offered:

  • Security Risk Assessments and Workshops – SyCom will perform a risk assessment of an organizations’ IT Security program by reviewing areas of governance, infrastructure, and conducting penetration testing services. The Cybersecurity Workshop is a mentored discovery process that delivers a foundational evaluation that reflects risk and a prioritized path toward improvement. Learn more.
  • Compliance Gap Assessments – In these engagements, we focus on a specific compliance consideration such as PCI, HIPPA & NIST. We work to understand the data that needs to be regulated; evaluate specific regulatory requirements; baseline specific administrative, physical and technical controls; and provide a set of findings and recommendations to assist in closing any compliance gaps.
  • Penetration Testing – By applying advanced attacks that hackers are already using, our experts engage in tests such as external penetration testing, internal penetration testing, web application penetration testing, social engineering and incident response to expose and document areas that will require remediation. Learn more.
  • Vulnerability Assessments – Our offensive security team conducts vulnerability assessments to discover vulnerabilities in the environment. This can help to develop important plans to mitigate the found vulnerabilities, including patching plans, system updates, and/or segmentation efforts to isolate vulnerable systems.
  • Security Program Management – Focusing on policy, risk and compliance, SyCom will work with you to develop a cybersecurity program that aligns with your organization’s needs. The program will be based on industry standards and best practices for cybersecurity to leverage existing industry knowledge, cybersecurity tools, and secure business processes.
  • Technical Security Reviews – Our technical team will conduct configuration audits on critical infrastructure components, to validate that security best practices are in place. Any gaps found will be evaluated and a prioritized remediation plan developed to help mitigate risks based on impact and probability metrics.