Infrastructure Modernization

Continuously evolving networking to meet your current and future business objectives.
 Infrastructure Modernization

The network infrastructures of today are rapidly evolving towards more automated and orchestrated solutions, primarily brought about by software-defined functionality. All topologies of a network, whether it be data center, campus, WAN or cloud, are embracing these philosophies and practices, to continuously evolve networking to meet current and future business objectives.

SyCom Technologies embraces and leverages the tenets of these technologies to design and implement network infrastructure solutions for our customers. We specialize in software-defined WAN solutions, datacenter fabric solutions, and campus/access layer solutions.  

Solution Options:

  • SD-WAN — Whether it’s a new deployment, an upgrade, or migration of an existing WAN, SyCom has the expertise to envision the project start to finish, managing a smooth transition, and delivering a performant and reliable SD-WAN solution.
  • SD-CAMPUS — In the digital world that we live in, network access is a necessity. Users demand fast reliable and secure access. SyCom excels at helping our customers choose the right solutions to meet these needs to provide wired and wireless connectivity that is highly available, secure and provides real time visibility for management, monitoring and troubleshooting. 
  • Wireless — As new standards in WiFi are emerging such as Wi-Fi 6 (802.11az), SyCom engineers are continually embracing and learning these technologies to assist you with your wireless network evolution.
  • Perimeter Security — When it comes to Perimeter Security, you can’t compete with SyCom’s experience with several Next-Generation Firewall solutions, offering intrusion prevention, threat management, malware prevention and URL filtering.  We can help you select the best option for your business.