Healthcare is complex and outcome expectations are ever-evolving.
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At SyCom, we develop innovative healthcare information technology solutions that are geared towards transforming the patient experience while allowing caregivers to provide unparalleled quality of care. We also provide consulting and managed services to healthcare organizations, which enable business efficiency while focusing on patient care quality improvements. SyCom can work with your organization to speed up decision making, personalize care and improve outcomes.

Customer Success Story

University of Virginia – Telehealth Communications

The UVA Telehealth system, built on Cisco products in partnership with SyCom Technologies, equipped UVA with technology to manage an emergency crisis.

We help turn ambition into action through:

  • Extend Care Reach — Create new revenue streams by expanding care continuums through innovative Telehealth, Telecare and Telemedicine solutions
  • Enhance the Patient Experience — Redefining the patient experience by enhancing staff collaboration, accelerating information exchange and reducing readmission rates
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance 
  • Data Protection

Accelerating your ability to innovate with complimentary offerings: