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With an unsurpassed expertise with public sector organizations,
we simplify IT so you can do more with less.
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The State and Local Government sector face growing threats to their information systems and technology platforms. These threats come in the form of budget constraints, talent shortages, and the evolving security threat landscape. This trifecta makes it difficult to execute the digitization and transformation efforts that citizens ultimately depend on. SyCom understands the impact of these challenges and can help your organization bridge the gap between innovation and IT constraints, enabling you to do more.

Customer Success Stories:

DLA Piper Law Firm – Security Upgrade Solution

By utilizing SyCom Technologies as the trusted technology advisor and Microsoft technologies, DLA Piper was able to deliver a more modern, efficient and faster work platform with enhanced security protections to the entire portion of their U.S. network.

Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA) – Boardroom Collaboration Solution

By partnering with SyCom to implement Cisco technologies, VHDA now has an improved collaboration experience, which includes various input options, numerous display options for presentations and video calling, one conference phone enabling clear audio and multiple cameras to capture different speakers.

We help turn ambition into action through:

  • Digital Infrastructure  — To transform, your digital infrastructure must be nimble and secure
  • Simplify IT  — Helping IT organizations and complex enterprises alike remain agile as the pace of change continues to accelerate
  • Engineering Talent — Turning initiatives into action with a transparent process that accelerates value and ensures success, available in both a traditional method or through a long-term on-site operational support
  • Data Protection

Accelerating your ability to innovate with complimentary offerings: