SyCom Technologies is Now a Part of InterVision, a Leading IT Service Provider


The History of SyCom Technologies

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The founding partners of SyCom Technologies established the company in 1996 to deliver products and services to small and mid-sized businesses within Central Virginia and were driven toward excellence by applying principles of Integrity, Partnership, and Trust.

On April Fool’s Day, five experienced technologists drove around Richmond determined to create a not-so-typical technology firm. Over those critical first few years, SyCom became a business built on the ability to attract and retain knowledgeable and highly skilled employees while providing outstanding and memorable service to their customers. To establish a brand identity that captured the combination of leading-edge technologies, they decided to take the SY from ‘Systems’ and COM from ‘Communications’ to make SyCom. The varied business experience of the partners helped them provide a unique consultative approach based on their skill sets and their shared commitment to quality. Their relationships in the Central Virginia marketplace led to offering resources related to state-of-the-art technology capabilities for clients, establishing a stable integrated infrastructure through which information can flow smoothly between multiple platforms and locations. Partnerships formed with major industry providers helped meet customer product requirements and specialized needs.

Now after over two decades of IT implementations, SyCom’s solutions have evolved from client server to mobile to cloud. But more importantly, our experience allowed for deeper connections with partners and clients. SyCom is proud of this success and remains determined to help customers stay on top of the tech wave, whatever comes next.