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SyCom Technologies Mourns Passing of Founding Member

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We are deeply saddened by the loss of one of our founding partners, Paula Gulak. She had an indelible impact on our company and Richmond’s technology community. By applying principles of integrity, connection, and trust, she played a monumental role in driving our company toward excellence.

Every year on April 1, SyCom recognizes the courage and vision of our five original partners and the foundation they laid in 1996. Unequivocally, Paula Gulak became the “face” of SyCom throughout central Virginia and beyond, and we are grateful for her significant impact on our continued success. She created the brand and the culture at SyCom, established all the annual events that we love, and built relationships with employees, customers, and partners that remain to this day. Her legacy as the founder of the Greater Richmond Technology Council (now RVATech) and as the inspiration and role model for the Women in Technology will endure forever.

“Paula was the reason I joined SyCom in 2001,” said SyCom’s CEO, Tom Cricchi. “She mentored me in the ways of marketing and business development and, more importantly, Paula was a shining and inspiring example of living a life of grace and class. Paula’s wit, passion, and charm made her the first person I wanted to talk to at technology events all over Richmond. It’s a sad day for me and everyone at SyCom.”

The many memories of Paula being shared within the extended SyCom family remind us of her strength and dignity, her fun and mischievous spirit, and her warm and caring heart. With Paula’s many family members and friends, SyCom grieves the passing of this remarkable woman.