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SyCom Technologies Announces New Brand for Security Solution

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SyCom Technologies is pleased to announce that it has taken its preexisting Continuous Penetration Testing Solution and given it a brand—introducing RedSpy365: A Continuous Penetration Testing Service. Penetration testing alone is paramount to ensuring the security of an organization’s systems. Since today’s sophisticated hackers are constantly trying to compromise business networks and systems, it’s important to understand their sources and methods. SyCom’s RedSpy365 can not only help find the problems but also offers threat-centric solutions that provide rapid containment and remediation. With breaches happening every day, organizations are looking for new and innovative ways to defend themselves. SyCom’s RedSpy365 is not just vulnerability scanning, but full-fledged asymmetrical warfare, combined with advanced training and exploitation to detect threats 24/7/365.

With 95% of security breaches starting with a phishing scam, SyCom is focused on a solution that addresses these end-user-created problems. SyCom specializes in security solutions that help information technology leaders stay one step ahead of cyber predators. This tool thinks like the hackers, never ceasing to look for ways to infiltrate an organization’s network by consistently executing simulation attacks.

Though the RedSpy365 brand is relatively new, SyCom has many years of experience with continuous penetration testing. SyCom’s Security Practice Manager, Darren Manners, is a top-rated professional in his field and one of the few elite technical security professionals in the world who holds a Cyber Guardian certification. Our flexible engagement provides a company’s technical team with tools they can utilize themselves or SyCom can be your full-service provider.

“RedSpy365 is the next step in the evolutionary path of Penetration Testing. It not only identifies long term issues and works with clients to resolve them, but shows how temporary mistakes or misconfigurations may impact the organization on a day to day basis,” comments Darren Manners. “It is a transactional hybrid operation making use of advanced code “bots”, industry leading attack software and the intelligence and ingenuity of human testers.”

SyCom offers a comprehensive security portfolio that will not only help find the problems but can also offer solutions to correct and protect. For more information, please visit