SyCom and Cisco SASE Solution

SyCom and Cisco can help you realize SASE your way.
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The demand for anywhere, anytime access has grown as the workforce has become more distributed and cloud traffic continues to soar. Bring network and security functions closer to users and devices by moving to a cloud-based, as-a-service model called secure access service edge (SASE).

The core functions include software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN), firewall as a service, secure web gateway (SIG)s, cloud access security broker (CASB), and zero trust network access (ZTNA). The goal of the SASE model is to consolidate these functions, that were traditionally siloed solutions, in a single, integrated cloud service.

Top 5 Tips for Navigating your SASE Journey: 

  1. Optimize your WAN with a cloud-scale architecture.
    • Deliver secure, seamless connections with integrated multicloud access, simplified management, and actionable insights for IT—all while providing users the digital experience they expect anytime, anywhere. Learn more about Cisco SD-WAN.
  2. Steamline security in the cloud.
    • Combine multiple security functions into one simple to use, cloud-native service with security that’s built-in, not bolted on. Learn more about Cisco Umbrella.
  3. Simplify secure network access with Zero Trust.
    • Ensure only trusted users can access applications by enabling policy-based controls for every access attempt to your applications, wherever those applications are hosted. Learn more about Cisco Duo.
  4. Choose platform simplicity over piecemeal.
    • Remove complexity, increase performance and lower costs with a vendor who offers a platform approach: someone with the breadth and depth of knowledge to solve challenges across any environment.
  5. Realize SASE your way.
    • Moving to SASE is about accelerating your journey to the cloud. That journey looks different for everyone and you need the flexibility to get there your way.

Transformative solutions for your business: