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Sponsoring the Richmond Portal at the State Fair of Virginia

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SyCom, in partnership with our customer Virginia Farm Bureau (VAFB), was pleased to sponsor bringing the Richmond Portal to this year’s State Fair of Virginia. SyCom Sales and Engineering representatives, alongside Pat Caine (VAFB CIO) and Steve Villalpando (VAFB Manager of IS Governance and Technical Services), headed to the Virginia State Fair to experience and engage with the Richmond Portal firsthand.

The Richmond Portal – an audiovisual, interactive experience found within a shipping container that allows users to converse with any of the other 40 portals located around the world – was first introduced to the city in early 2019 as a part of the Portal Project. The interior features a floor-to-ceiling bidirectional video screen, allowing users to converse with individuals on the other side of the camera. On this particular day, Portal visitors were able to interact with users from Gaza, Palestine, Kigali, Rwanda, Colorado Springs and Mexico City.