Security Operations Center Services

Lowering the chances of infiltration and loss of valuable business assets through security monitoring.
 Security Operations Center Services

One hundred percent security does not exist. Zero percent risk does not exist. These statistics make risk reduction more critical than ever before. Continuous security monitoring can assist in the fight against cyber predators, lowering the chances of infiltration and loss of valuable business assets. SyCom’s Security Operations Center (SOC) Services, powered by Cybersafe Solutions, is a fully managed service that provides comprehensive real-time detection and containment of cyber threats that jeopardize your networks and endpoints. Our SOC as a Service takes this significant burden off your IT staff and puts it in our expert hands.

Program Features:

  • 24/7/365 Fully Managed Security Monitoring — Cybersafe Solutions combines cutting edge technology with cybersecurity expertise to ensure that your systems and data are protected from cyber-attacks.
    • Offloads complex and time consuming cybersecurity tasks from your internal resources to our experts
    • Protects against new and emerging threats
    • CyberSafe employs highly-skilled, seasoned cybersecurity analysts
    • Leverages data from dozens of global threat intelligence sources to better protect your infrastructure