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RedSpy365® and Intel 471: A Proactive Partnership

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RedSpy365 and Intel 471 are proud to announce their proactive joint risk partnership. With both companies bringing a wealth of cybersecurity experience, together, their impact will be able to provide organizations with real-world vulnerability threats curated from the cybercriminal underground to help them better understand their projected risk.   

RedSpy365’s toolsets map actional Common Vulnerability and Exposures (CVE) intelligence from Intel 471 to an organization’s existing vulnerabilities in the client’s dataset. This solution allows analysts to identify threats sourced from the tools cybercriminals are using in real time to enable proactive security decisions.

Additionally, this integrated offering provides automated risk assessments relative to an organization’s attack surface to support and drive patch prioritization. This removes a vulnerability blind spot by delivering closed source vulnerability intelligence with the right toolsets to understand and mitigate underground threats.

RedSpy365’s Director of Offensive Security, Darren Manners stated, “We only integrate best-of- breed products. We needed something that gives us the intelligence, so we mimic the bad guys, not just pentesters. Intel471 gives us that actionable intelligence.”

“Together, we’re equipping organizations with a unique insight on the malicious tools cybercriminals are pursuing and utilizing so that enterprise-wide security decisions can be made proactively,” affirms Michael Anderson, VP of Intel 471 Partnerships.

About RedSpy365

At RedSpy365, their mission is to measure what an organization actually does, not just what they say they do. Since 2015, they have provided continuous analysis of an organization’s risk surface from a hacker’s perspective to recognize likely attack paths. 

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About Intel471

At Intel471, their mission is to protect your organization, your products, your assets, and your people. Since 2014, they’ve been the premier provider of cybercrime intelligence curated from closed sources where threat actors collaborate, communicate and plan cyberattacks.

Learn more about Intel471 at or on LinkedIn, or Twitter.