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Protecting your Business with Cisco Duo

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Remote working has become the normal for many businesses in 2020. Even prior to the pandemic, rapid advancements in technology had been steadily driving the trend towards remote working. And one thing that frequently gets overlooked in the transition is proper security. An estimated 70% of data breaches occur at endpoints (laptops, mobile devices, etc.). In addition, over 80% of hacking breaches leveraged stolen, weak, or default passwords. Given these statistics, overlooking security for remote workers can be a catastrophic mistake. Consider the following scenario:

Your workforce is largely remote, and someone is trying to access your company’s network. Are they a trusted employee, or is it someone with more sinister plans? How can you be sure?

The answer is Cisco Duo with multifactor authentication.

Cisco Duo allows companies to verify the identity of users and establish device trust prior to granting access to sensitive applications. Duo specifically two-factor authentication, a type of multi-factor authentication that utilizes two different methods to verify identity. In addition, Duo also employs a zero-trust model, effectively decreasing an organization’s attack surface and reduces the risk of a cyberattack. This translates to strong access security, only allowing access to trusted users while keeping all others out.

Protect your remote workers and your network from a cyberattack. Contact us at SyCom today for more information about how Cisco Duo can protect your business.