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Protect Your Team and Your Data with SyCom and Cisco Umbrella

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The business landscape has undergone a significant transformation in recent years. An ever-increasing number of employees are working from remote locations, branch offices are opening, and business applications and data are moving into the cloud. While this functions to increase efficiency, maintain continuity, and drastically reduce costs, it presents a problem for traditional security architectures. How can you properly protect your team and your data when they are no longer located on premises? Cisco, the world’s leader in cybersecurity, has the answer.

Cisco Umbrella is a cloud-native platform, providing a completely secure, fast, and reliable internet experience. Umbrella combines firewall, DNS-layer security, secure web gateway, cloud access security broker (CASB), and threat intelligence solutions into a single platform. This solution allows businesses of all sizes to secure their network. In addition, Cisco Umbrella makes it easy to secure remote workers and multiple branch offices. Like every other Cisco security product, Umbrella leverages threat intelligence from Cisco Talos, the world’s leading threat intelligence team. So Umbrella users can be sure that they are being protected from the latest threats.

Given the widespread adoption of the cloud, as well as roaming workers and branch offices, Cisco Umbrella is a must for any business. Cybercriminals aren’t going anywhere, and threats are only going to increase in the future. With the entire world moving further into the digital realm, you can’t afford to be vulnerable.

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