Penetration Testing

Making your organization more secure by ensuring that your resources will protect it.
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Hackers are constantly probing for ways into your network. Your defenses often lag behind advanced attacking solutions that hackers conduct. With the highest level of certified professionals in the industry, SyCom covers the broad range of security evaluations. Our goal is to make you more secure by helping to ensure that your resources are well targeted to protect your organization.

Solution Options:

  • Penetration Testing — By applying advanced attacks that hackers are already using, our experts engage in tests such as external penetration testing, internal penetration testing, web application penetration testing, social engineering and incident response to expose and document areas that will require remediation.
  • Additional Security Solutions — Vulnerability Assessments, Red Team Testing, Mobile Testing, Incident Response, Download Tools
  • RedSpy365: A Continuous Penetration Testing Service — Penetration Testing with 24/7 services worldwide. By thinking like the hackers, we never quit looking for ways to infiltrate your network and execute attacks 24/7/365. Learn more.