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A New Year and a New Way of Connecting

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While looking a bit difference than years past, our Sales and Engineering Teams still started off the new year by virtually gathering for the 2021 SyCom Summit. The purpose of this internal, two-day kickoff event was to review company activity for 2020 and set initiatives for 2021. After an unprecedented times, this year our theme is to focus on reconnecting with our customer. While the flow of this event reflected that of previous Summits much of this year’s event was prerecorded. Opening remarks were provided by SyCom CEO Tom Cricchi, followed by updates from other Executives including our Richmond VIP of Sales, Tom Carr, Roanoke VP of Sales, Tom Spitnale, Chief Technology Officer, Jessica Pooley; and our Director of Customer Success Management, John Barrar, gave insight on what our vision for 2020 would be.

To keep things engaging and interactive, volunteers from both our Sales team and Engineering teams got up to present customer case studies revolved around our three technology transformations: Workforce Transformation, IT Transformation and Security Transformation. This content delivery approach was a great way for all SyCom members to understand in-depth how different departments work together to deliver business solutions in real world situations.

Since we weren’t able to have our usual evening celebration after Day 1, attendees enjoyed a virtual concert. Local Richmond band Mother’s Little Helper performed a full set for us to get us fired up for the new year.

On the second and final day of Summit, SyCom-ers participated in an Amazing Race style virtual teambuilding activity led by Venture Up. This fun was followed by our Motivational Speaker, James McIntosh. James has spent almost 40 years working as a consultant and coach to senior executives in sectors ranging from advertising to wealth management and he delivered a message on ‘Nonsense at Work.’ We rounded out the 2021 SyCom Summit with our Sales and Engineering teams virtually splitting up for individual breakout sessions, giving leaders a chance to focus on content specific to their areas of expertise. Despite things looking different than usual, our SyCom Summit was once again an awesome way to get excited for the new year!