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Unified Communications

One platform; fewer headaches. It's that simple

Unified Communications is the core of business for many organizations. Employees can access all their information, whether it is data, voice, video, and instant messaging, in one place on one low-cost platform. For the IT support team, it means less support costs and hassle, and for the business it provides unified access to critical information.


  • Increase productivity and reduce costs
  • Unified communications applications can save an average of up to 4 hours per employee per week
  • Employees can easily access data and voice information
  • Employees have the flexibility to work from almost anywhere; their office, the conference room, the company cafe or on the road
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Reduce reliance on legacy PBX technology
  • Leverage “tried and tested” IP and VoIP technology
  • Easy integration of phones with the PC
  • Use multiple devices
  • All the features commonly associated with PBX and Centrex systems: voice mail, presence management, find-me/follow-me functions, telephone directories, and least-cost routing

Cisco business communication systems can simplify life for the IT support group and the business’s employees. E-mail, voicemail, phone, instant messaging, videoconferencing, and other data can be integrated into one network using Internet-based technology (IP and VoIP), increasing efficiency and reducing costs through reduced latency and expensive long-distance voice networks.

With Cisco Unified Communications, the company can start small and increase functionality as the business grows. Technologies, such as video, can be integrated into the infrastructure as needed. SyCom provides a scalable roadmap that is both affordable and manageable.

Unified Communications allows you to reap the benefits of flexibility and simplicity of managing business communications in a multi-device, mobile, and distributed environment. An integrated voice and data platform can be easily managed by your internal IT support staff. No matter where employees are, they can always be connected to the business.

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