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Data Center and Virtualization

Getting the most out of your data center resources is critical

IT leaders know that data centers are an important part the business’s knowledge engine. Expensive to set up, run, and maintain, getting the most value out of this critical resource is key to the IT strategy—cutting server redundancy and rationalizing the data center can save time and money. A SyCom solution using the latest virtualization technology can increase server utilization, ease server management, and reduce energy and real-estate costs for your business.


  • Better server utilization
  • Reduced costs from lower cooling and space savings
  • Reduction in number of servers
  • Reduced server management
  • Improved security
  • Reduced time spent on routine IT administration
  • Improved IT department productivity
  • Improved application availability
  • Improved data recovery speed and improve critical application uptime

The data center and virtualization are tightly linked. Many organizations have racks of servers sitting in multiple data centers. These servers are not being used to their peak capacity. Using solutions from partners such as VMWare, EMC, or Microsoft, SyCom can help you gain a high-level view of the whole data center and make strategic decisions on how to consolidate servers and storage.  

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